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NAKAGAMI is a collection of knitwear by designer Kazue Nakagami, which is based on traditional items reconstructed from a modern perspective.
While dissecting universal concepts and items, I feel sympathy for the designs that add modernity to them.
Clothes that can be carefully nurtured and maintained. Clothes that you can enjoy as they age.
The ideal is clothing that can be worn 10 years from now while still feeling new.

Designer Profile

1979  広島生まれ 
2007〜2010  sacaiにてパタンナーとして勤務  
2019  NAKAGAMIを設立

1979  Born in Hiroshima, Japan 
2007〜2010  Worked as a patterner at sacai 
2019  Started NAKAGAMI 

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2021 SS COLLECTIONから、より自身のこだわりを追求するため、ヤンチェ_オンテンバールとのコラボレーションとアイウェアのコラボレーションの“コラボレーションライン”のみを展開するブランドに。これまでと同様、『マジョリティでもない、マイノリティでもない。そんな心地よい“私らしさ”を求める女性たちの心を刺激する、ささやかな贅沢が詰まった服』が存分に楽しめるラインナップをお届けします。

Wei is a brand that designer Kazuei Nakagami started in 2014 in pursuit of the “only” thing that touches his heartstrings.

In 2015, they launched an eyewear line and collaborated with “Mr. Gentleman”, etc. From the 2019 SSC Collection, they announced a collaboration with “JANTJE_ONTEMBAAR”, a store created by Shingo Katori and stylist Tomoki Sukezane. From the 2019 SSColllection, the brand has announced a collaboration with JANTJE_ONTEMBAAR, a shop run by Shingo Katori and stylist Tomoki Sukezane.

Starting with the 2021 SS COLLECTION, the brand will only offer a “collaboration line” of eyewear and collaborations with Jantsch_Ontenbarr in order to pursue his own particular style. As in the past, the goal is to create a brand that is neither the majority nor the minority. As in the past, we will offer a lineup that allows you to fully enjoy “clothes filled with small luxuries that stimulate the hearts of women who seek a comfortable “me”.